Dill, used throughout history

Ancient Romans and Greeks, both used dill. Romans called dill, anethum, which later became known as anise. The Greeks thought dill helped with stopping hiccups, and promoted sleep. Back in biblical times, you can find reference of it being used as a payment for one's taxes. In countries like Germany and Scandinavia, you would see some using dill in cooking fish, and cucumber, and you would find the seeds baked into bread.

During the Middle ages, some thought dill had extra protective attributes. Some thought dill could be used as a protection from witches. You could find some using dill in spells, or to promote romance between people, especially when combined with wine. There are even stories about pioneers in America, using dill seeds in church, during particularly long sermons(with the children). The nickname "meeting" seed, came about very likely, because of this. I thought that was so interesting.

Dill has been used as a digestive aid for some time, for gas, colic and general indigestion. It was used especially with children. Some made "dilly pillows" that had a combination of dill and lavender. It helped soothe one to sleep.